Smart solutions for PowerPoint, Excel and Word

With our customized Office Add-Ins, you can create professional presentations and documents in your corporate design in no time at all. Look forward to sophisticated automations, integrated libraries, intelligent data links and, above all, the daily time savings for your entire team.

Office Add-Ins für PowerPoint, Excel und Word
Learn to love Microsoft Office in a whole new way
Significantly faster

easySlides gives you time for the important things: previously manual steps in presentation and document creation are automated.

Visibly more consistent

easySlides strengthens the profile of your brand thanks to consistent templates and formats focused on your corporate design.

Precisely tailored

With us, you don't get an off-the-shelf tool, but a customized solution that fits YOUR team.

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Gain more time for what really matters
PowerPoint Add-In, PowerPoint Logo

Create professional presentations in no time and ensure a consistent external appearance.

Excel Add-In, Excel-Logo

Professionally prepare tables and charts and link the results into your presentations and reports.

Word Add-In, Word Logo

Compose business letters, offers or concepts with predefined modules and data links.

Precisely tailored to you

Dedicated personal contact

We accompany you through every step of your easySlides project and work with you to find an optimal solution. In doing so, we specifically take your requirements into account and adapt our Office Add-Ins to your exact needs.

Throughout the entire process, you have a personal contact person at your side. We offer you consulting, development, implementation, training and support – all from a single source.

What do customers say about easySlides?
How are our Office Add-Ins used?

Our add-ins for PowerPoint, Word and Excel can be used to professionalize the creation of company presentations and documents. There are numerous use cases and we will be happy to advise you on how you can improve your processes with our tools. Here are some example projects:

Consistent PowerPoint design

A corporate group uses our PowerPoint add-in to anchor a consistent corporate design in the company presentations. Several formats such as A4, 4:3 and 16:9 are integrated. By connecting an image database via SharePoint, assets such as image pictures, logos and icons can be easily provided to the entire group.

Pitch creation in PowerPoint and Word

A leading law firm uses easySlides to create high-quality pitch documents and proposals in Word and PowerPoint. The offers can be put together in a modular way. In particular, reference logos, tombstones, case studies and resumes can be inserted automatically in different formats.

Creation of databooks in Excel

An M&A consultancy uses our Excel add-in for consistent formatting of tables and charts. Formula analyses and automatic formatting ensure clear Excel databooks as the basis for M&A teasers or valuation reports. Confidentiality is ensured via watermarks in PowerPoint.

Expert opinions in PowerPoint

A management consultancy uses our PowerPoint Add-In and our Excel Add-In to create expert opinions, reports and planning documents in PowerPoint. Thanks to the automatic agenda as well as a table of contents and appendix, even complex documents can be clearly structured. The automatic linking of page references in the PDF document is also highly appreciated.

Legally compliant letter templates in Word

An internationally operating group uses our Word add-in to provide letter templates for subsidiaries. Master data can be maintained centrally so that the company details on the management and addresses in each letter are legally compliant and up-to-date.

Decision-making templates in controlling

An IT department uses our PowerPoint add-in to display monthly reports and decision templates for the board. Project schedules are visualized in PowerPoint via Gantt charts. Project outlines can be generated automatically based on upstream tools.

Modular sales kit

A software company uses easySlides to provide sales staff with an easy-to-use slide kit. Customer presentations can quickly be assembled from a central slide library. Individual variants and calculations can also be added via an Excel-PowerPoint link.

PowerPoint master in rebranding

We programmed a new PowerPoint master for a marketing department based on an agency design. Title pages, chapter dividers and closing slides were transferred from Adobe Illustrator to PowerPoint and the final artwork of the slide master was implemented. Using a slide converter, old slides could be automatically converted into the new design.