easySlides for PowerPoint

Create professional presentations in no time. The easySlides add-in is fully customized to your corporate design.

Automatic Agenda

Agenda slides add structure to a presentation, but also cause a lot of work. How often have you been annoyed that you had to update all agenda pages when adjusting an agenda item?

With easySlides you can create a perfect agenda in your company’s design with a few simple clicks. And what about changes? easySlides takes care of everything: No matter if you add, delete or change an item, all chapter separators will be updated automatically.

For complex documents, you can create multi-level tables of contents and appendixes.

Integrated Slide Library

No more searching through old presentations for slides or content! With the slide library in easySlides you have access to the slides of your team and your company at any time.

Whether it’s a title page, content slide or contact page, you can quickly find the right slide using the search function. Tip: Our dynamic slides and maps are particularly popular, as they take care of all the formatting automatically.

And where is the data located? You decide: e.g. on your server or on your SharePoint. You always have full control over your content and can also add to it whenever you like.

Flexible Shapes

You don’t want to spend hours searching for icons, Harvey balls or traffic lights to create your slide? The shapes library provides plenty of useful elements which are customized to your needs. So your slides will be ready in no time.

By the way, did you know that our shapes are “smart”? With one click you can change status elements, such as traffic lights, saving you a lot of time when formatting.

Linked Excel-Tables

You would like the data in your presentation to always be up to date? With the Excel link in easySlides you get a simple and stable linking of Excel content to PowerPoint.

By the way, if you want to automatically fill slides with data, feel free to contact us about it. We will be happy to automate references, tombstones, resumes or team slides for you.

Time-saving Layout Functions

Do you know how much lifetime PowerPoint users spend on average aligning text boxes and the like? No? Neither do we, but it’s definitely too much time.

That’s why easySlides offers all the alignment tools you’ve ever dreamed of. So you can focus on the content and easySlides takes care of the rest.

Insider tip: Our users especially love the “camera”, ask us for a little demonstration.

Extensive Slide Check

In the middle of an important presentation, you suddenly notice that not only is a bracket missing on the third slide, but unfortunately you also forgot to delete an internal comment.

Mistakes happen to all of us. That’s why easySlides makes your quality checks easier and tracks down common mistakes for you. And best of all: the slide check lets you correct most errors with a single click.

Bespoke Features for your Team

What feature would simplify your work and save you tons of time? Would you like to bring old presentations up to date with one click? Perhaps you would like to have a modular kit for creating pitch decks automatically?

Feel free to contact us! Together, we will develop a customized solution tailored to your needs.

And many more features

Slide Elements

Structure presentations with sources, footnotes, chapter trackers, and dynamic page references.

Gantt Charts

Perfect for project management: visualize your schedules with flexible Gantt charts.

Dynamic Maps

Automatically display locations on a map and flexibly colorize individual regions.

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Dedicated personal contact

You would like find out more about easySlides or see it in action? Then please feel free to call us or send us an email to easy@easy-slides.com.