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Is there a trial version of the add-ins?

You are welcome to test our add-ins. The best way to do this is to contact us at easy@easy-slides.com. We will then contact you regarding the next steps.

I only need the PowerPoint add-in, can I purchase it separately?

Yes, of course, each solution works independently. It has proven successful to start with one add-in and then add more as needed.

What are the costs of purchasing the add-ins?

The costs consist of one-time setup costs for the adaptation to your corporate design and a monthly usage fee.
Our prices are therefore individually tailored to you and depend on:

The number of licenses required.
The desired range of functions.
The degree of customization and your required configuration.

We will be happy to clarify all points in a personal discussion in order to provide you with an individual offer.

How does the implementation process work?

The implementation process follows three phases:

1. A requirements workshop and the adaptation to your corporate design.
2. A test phase of the add-in with a test team of about five people from your company.
3. The creation of the final version. Here, easySlides stores your slide and shape libraries, for example, and implements individual adaptations.

After that, the rollout of the add-in can take place. If required, we can also provide training to help introduce the new software and strengthen the understanding of your corporate design standards.

Can the add-ins be extended with individual functions?

Yes, this is possible. We would be happy to get to know your wishes first so that we can then make you an offer.

easySlides, easyCharts and easyDocuments
Do files created with easySlides, easyCharts or easyDocuments have their own format?

No - the presentations, workbooks and documents are still normal PowerPoint, Excel or Word files that anyone can open and edit.

Can we add templates, shapes or building blocks ourselves?

Yes, this is possible without any problems. You can manage your libraries centrally and add new content as needed.

What content can I manage in easySlides?

In the slide library you can manage slides. These can be empty slide templates, or standard slides such as the presentation of your company.
In the shapes library in easySlides you can manage individual elements. These are e.g. standard elements, photos, logos, icons, contact data or project profiles. Both libraries can be structured according to individual categories and provided with metadata so that your content is also available via search.

What content can I manage in easyDocuments?

You can manage templates as well as ready-made building blocks: Text modules, tables, title pages, references, contact pages and much more is possible.

Can I purchase the add-ins without customizing them to my corporate design?

No, this is not possible. Our add-ins are not "off-the-shelf" software, but solutions that are adapted exactly to your wishes and requirements. By integrating your corporate design, your individual standards are defined. In easySlides, these are e.g. the workspace, text fields, fonts, lines, agenda slides as well as the definition of slide elements such as footnote, navigator, backup sticker, etc. Without defining these standards in your corporate design, you will not benefit from the key product advantages: Save time, increase slide quality and strengthen corporate design.

How do the add-ins strengthen our corporate design?

Your corporate design specifications are initially built into the add-ins. In easySlides, this includes the master, the work area, text fields, source information, agenda, fonts, lines, etc. This means that everything you insert on a blank slide automatically corresponds to your corporate design. Fixed standard positions facilitate the automated and standardized positioning of content.

What should I do if I get the information that my license expires in X days?

Send us an email to easy@easy-slides.com and have the version extended.

Usually you or your IT/PowerUser will get a new license in time.

What happens when my license period expires?

The add-in is deactivated. Content created with the software can continue to be edited normally with the respective programs.

Technical information
What are the technical requirements?

Our solutions are COM Add-Ins for Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word and compatible with all current MS Office Desktop versions. They work with Windows 7/8/10/11 - both in 32bit and 64bit.

How to install the add-ins?

We provide you with an individual installation package. The software can be installed either by the users themselves or via software distribution using an MSI package. A terminal server installation is also possible. As part of the rollout, we provide you with detailed installation instructions and are always available to answer any questions.

I need more technical information, who do I contact?

We will be happy to send you detailed technical information upon request. Send us an e-mail at easy@easy-slides.com.

I need technical support, who do I contact?

Feel free to contact us via our contact form or by email at easy@easy-slides.com.

What data do the add-ins access?

Our add-ins do not exchange data over the Internet. All data remains within your company's systems. Data protection is fully ensured.